Riverland Field Days Committee

James Buter (Chairman) - Winegrape grower and agricultural consultant from Renmark

Executive Manager:
Tim Grieger - Mobile 0409 099 122 - Fax 08 8586 3205

Executive Assistant
Anne Stepien - Mobile 0408 830 254

Anthony Fulwood - Citrus, wine grape and avocado grower - Waikerie
Ian Webber - Wine grape grower from Monash
Stirling Sykes - Electrician from Renmark
Dwayne Leske - Dryland farmer from Waikerie
John Plush - Grape and Citrus grower - Winkie
Ashley Chabrel - Winegrape grower from Barmera
Stiven Ludas - Grape grower from Renmark
John Spronk - Grower and fabricating engineer from Loveday
Wes Kalisch - Dryland farmer from Lowbank

The running of an event as large as the field days requires not only a lot of planning; but also a lot of people with tasks and responsibilities to perform. The many tasks have been grouped and a coordinator appointed to take responsibility in a particular group. The following is a list of coordinators and their respective duties.


Site Coordinator - Anthony Fulwood
Assistant Site Coordinator - John Plush
Site Security Coordinator - John Plush
Site Safety Coordinator - Joe Meek & Ian Webber
Forklift Coordinator - Brent Walkington & Stiven Ludas
Gate Keeper - Dwayne Leske
Catering Coordinator - Ian Schober
Communications & Volunteer Coordinator - John Reed
Sound Stage Co-ordinator - Lance Gum
Cooking Demonstration Coordinator - Helen Morgan
Pavillions Co-ordinator - Joe Meek
Traffic & Parking Coordinator - Wes Kalisch assisted by Peter Tanner and James Butler
Cashier Coordinator - Colleen Jones and team
Information Desk Coordinator - Barry Mudge
Parcel Pick Up Coordinator - Shaun Arnold
Waste Management Coordinator - John Spronk
Amenities Monitoring Coordinator - David Jordan
Ag Art Wear Competition Coordinator - Sarah Plush
Inventions Coordinator - Rob Gilles
Invited Guests Host - Sue Meek
Electrical Services Coordinator - Stirling Skyes
Straw Delivery Coordinator - Dwayne Leske
Clean-up & Packing Up Coordinator - Ashley Chabrel
Highway Signs/Date Change Co-ordinator - Wes Kalisch
Kids Corner Coordinator - Alison May




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