Volunteer team come together

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The Field Days volunteer team from across the region comes together this weekend for the preparation and setting up of the site for the 62nd Riverland Field Days, in just a few weeks time.

“The volunteer team is the foundation of the field days event”, Tim Grieger, event organiser, said. “it is the dedication and enthusiasm of this special team that brings the excellent  business promotion and marketing expo to the region each year” he said.

The Riverland Field Days is a huge boost to the region’s economy; and is a major part of the promotion and marketing strategy for the many businesses that participate.

“We are also seeing more community organisations using the field days to connect with the broader community and promote their activities” Tim Grieger said.

There is an air of anticipation as the team comes together each year. It is also an enjoyable social time, as stories are exchanged during morning tea and the bbq lunch.



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